Yanli Jewellery packaging

Where do you make the jewellery?

Our bespoke jewellery line is handcrafted by experienced goldsmiths and artisans in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our finished silver line is made by skilled jewellers in Hong Kong.

How are our jewellery made?

For our bespoke jewellery, our experienced goldsmiths mold, polish and set the first prototype. For every prototype, we will test run to ensure they are qualified for comfortability and wearability. Each time you have a custom-made jewellery from Yanli Jewellery, our goldsmiths mold, polish and set your piece individually. No jewellery is exactly the same in Yanli Jewellery.

Are your diamonds/ gemstones ethically sourced?

All gemstones used in our jewellery have been purchased from legitimate sources. Yanli Jewellery has zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. All partnered vendors and dealers adhere to the Kimberly Process.

Do we do international shipping?

For details, please email yan@yanlijewellery.com

When does my order arrive?

Once the transaction is confirmed, it takes 5-10 working days for an international order. Any delay on the order, please email us at yan@yanlijewellery.com

Order comes with our paper box and ribbon.

How do I track my order?

We will send you your tracking number when the order is shipped. Contact us at yan@yanlijewellery.com if you cannot locate your package.

What to do if the item is damaged?

All our items are packed in bubble wraps and placed in our signature packaging when they are shipped an couriered to you. If your arrived item is damaged, please email us at yan@yanlijewellery.com and we will attend to you immediately. Please return your damaged item within 14 days of the time when the defect is identified.