Personalise your unique jewellery that expresses your individuality

Bespoke = custom-made = tailor-made = unique

Bespoke pink sapphire pendant with necklace made for a mother

Bespoke Pink sapphire pendant made for client's mother

Yanli Jewellery offers the full product service from consultation, concept, design, production to create your own jewellery. We recommend to our clients to start with valuable metal at 18k to platinum because of the time and effort sharing together. 

More than starting from the scratch, you would like to redo your inherited jewellery, aka Re-purposing. 

Yanli Jewellery also re-creates your existing jewellery to become your unique piece. Start from consultation, we listen to our client and shape the jewellery design. 

Remade diamond stud earrings

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How to get started when you consider bespoke jewellery?

  • What jewellery do you want to make? 
  • What is your purpose of making the jewellery? 
  • What is the budget of your jewellery?
  • When do you need the jewellery to be ready? 

Procedure includes design suggestion and revision, gold setting, gemstone and diamond selection.

Personalised your jewellery with The Moments and Build your very own jewellery collection that tells your stor. Be it the start of life chapters, such as Graduation, Engagement, Wedding, Baby Born, Achievements and Memories.

For consultation, please email at yan@yanlijewellery