About Us

The Designer

Starts as a seasoned marketer, Yanli is surprised to find her strong passion in coloured gemstones when she joins the jewellery industry for years and become a Colored Stone Graduate of GIA in Hong Kong. Her eyes sparkle when she talks about gemstone and jewellery as she takes part in every role from gemstone sourcing, jewellery design and production, sharing gemstone knowledge and building close relationship with her clients. To her, every moment of the jewellery is a treasured experience: showcase of the gemstones from the vendors, hot discussion with the goldsmiths, the completion of the jewellery, satisfaction and happiness of the client that wears it. For the wearer, Yanli hopes that every piece marks the chapters of life: the first pay reward, a promotion, completion of a difficult project, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Jewellery should not be kept in the safe, it should be worn to attract others and start the conversation.