Bespoke: blue sapphire and diamond earrings


Mother-in-law is planning to buy valuable yet wearable jewellery as a wedding gift 

Understanding that it is hard to wear yellow gold Chinese wedding set as everyday wear, my customer is looking for a piece that she hopes her daughter-in-law is more likely to wear them most of the time. 


As a valuable present to mark the next life chapter for the bride and knowing that she likes blue gemstones, we consider blue sapphire as it is one of the 'Top Three' colour gemstones in Chinese culture. 


Instead of a ring (that she has the diamond engagement ring and wedding band), we went through with the lifestyle of the bride, she usually wears dangling earrings. 

The design is simple with oval cut sapphires surrounded by diamonds, with plain gold earring hooks. 

Hence, we offer to make a pair of blue sapphire and diamond dangling earrings as the wedding gift.

 Sapphire and diamond dangling earrings in black velvet box

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