Gemstone 101: Topaz

The blue ring
The Ocean Ring with blue topaz, moonstone, pearl and iolite

Facts  about TOPAZ

Why the gem is called ‘Topaz’ is uncleared, the name is derived from an island in Red Sea called Zabargad that it was called ‘Topazos’, which is  the origin of peridot. Another saying that the name comes from ‘Tapaz’, the Sanskrit word that means fire.

Generally you will know about blue topaz that it is commonly known as irradiated to trigger the colour element from colourless ones. Yet, topaz comes in a variety of colours. The most common colour is yellow with a red hint. The most valuable topaz is reddish orange to pink in colour, which is also called ‘Precious Topaz’. Mohs hardness at 8, it is suitable for making into any jewellery pieces from rings, earrings, necklaces, pins, etc.

The power of Topaz

  1. In the Bible: One of the gemstones that adorns the twelve holy gates of Jerusalem
  2. For the Greeks: it provides strength, restores sanity and relieves insomnia. It has the supernatural power to make the wearer invisible
  3. For the Egyptians:Ra, the Sun God, gives the golden glow to the stone and it is a talisman of power to protect the wearer
  4. Together with the moonstone, the gems give the right mindset and determination for weight loss
Topaz and Moonstone
Blue topaz and moonstone silver pendant


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