Gemstone 101: Moonstone

Rather than ‘fly me to the moon’, let me introduce to you the gem that has been connecting to the magic for the moon: Moonstone.

Facts of Moonstone

In Gemology, moonstone is the name of a member of the feldspar group of gemstones. Its body colour varies from colourless to white, grey, orange, brown, yellow, peach or green. Moonstone is recognised with its moonlight-like sheen – a soft silvery white reflection displaying on the opaque mineral called adularescence. The more transparent and colourless the body with more blue the effect, the higher the value of the moonstone. At the Mohs scale of 6 – 6.5, it is comparatively softer to other gemstones, moonstone is still one of the popular mineral used in jewellery due to the beautiful moonlight effect.

Rose-cut Moonstone vermeil pendants in 18k white and yellow gold plated


Priced with the stone of the moon, the gemstone is treasured with a repertoire of meanings. It has been used in the Roman jewellery in for nearly two thousand years!

  1. Widely known as the ‘Traveller’s Stone’ that provides protection for night travellers or on the water when the moon is shining
  2. In India: It is a sacred and magic stone with special significance of lovers. It is a profound wedding gifts for lovers. Also, known as the ‘Dream Stone’ that brings sweet dreams
  3. In Romans: The gem of sensitivity and love that is formed from the moon
  4. In Far East: The gem balances yin and yang that provides flexibility and flow with life

More than that, it is a soothing and calming stone for emotions. It is the stone for women to unveil her true femininity and promotes an ease in childbirth and pregnancy.

Vintage style cabochon cut Moonstone vermeil pendant with pearl necklace

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