Gemstone 101: Labradorite

I have doubts when one of its names is called ‘Black Beauty’. Is it because of its grey black body colour?

Pineapple cut labradorite vermeil necklace and earrings


The name tells you that the gemstone is first discovered in Labrador in Canada in 1770. It is also seen in Madagascar, Finland, Norway, Russia, United States. Due to its ‘labradorescence’ that exhibits highly directional colourful iridescence that is repeated within the feldspar, labradorite displays a full colour spectrum in peacock green, metallic blue, violet, yellow gold. At Mohs scale 6 – 6.5, the gemstone is a popular gem in Europe since the 18th century.


The unique Labradorite has many roles to play throughout the centuries: Stone of Magic, crystal of healers, powerful protector of the mineral kingdom…

  1. ‘Brings light’: it protects, leads and inspires the wearer to insights, truth and peace
  2. ‘Work’ stone: it brings out the best of the wearer with a better work life
  3. In Hindu belief, it associates with throat chakra, i.e. the voice of body in speech and hearing, that facilitates the wearer with better communication and expression
  4. Pain reliever as a comforting healer during menstruation, cure ailments in lungs, metabolism and regulations
Labradorite vermeil earrings. Strong metallic blue with white gold plated setting.