Gemstone 101: Amethyst

Ultra violet is the colour of 2018. There are numerous gemstones in the colour of violet/ purple, and among them, the widely known gemstone is Amethyst. It is the birthstone of February, wedding anniversary at 4th, 6th and 17th. Also, the gem is the official gemstone of Ontario province in Canada.

Pineapple cut Amethyst and Seafoam green Chalcedony vermeil earrings

Facts about Amethyst

Colour tone varies from royal purple, lavender, lilac to mauve, Amethyst is the most valuable among the family of quartz. The gem is usually found in geodes in alluvial deposits. It also forms drusy, the crystalline form protecting the host rock. At the Mohs’ hardness of 7, Amethyst is seen in different forms of jewellery.

 The powerful Amethyst:

  1. Mythical The name originates from Greeek, ‘not drunken’, that is believed to be worn as a talisman against drunkenness and addiction
  2. The purple gem is always prized in royal collections all over the world from British to Egypt and favourites of Queen Catherine the Great of Russia.
  3. The purple colour of the gem represents the purity of spirit and is used to uplift the wound healing power
  4. The purple gem is called ‘Jewel of the Gods’ that are worn by Bishops
  5. In Hebrew, Amethyst is ‘ahlamah’ that means dream. Hence it is the gem of dream and visions
  6. The purple gem is regarded as the stone of peace with calming presence
  7. Farmers wear Amethyst in the belief that the gem protects crops from hazards
  8. Leonardo da Vinci is said to believe the gem controls evil thoughts, inspires intelligence and make the wearer wise in handling business matters
  9. Saint Valentine was rumoured to wear a ring set with the image of Cupid carved on an antique Amethyst