Gems pop!

Welcome to my world of gemstones!

Garnet, ruby, fire opal, citrine, emerald, appatite, sapphire, tanzanite… basically I am thinking of the gemstones that associate the colour of the rainbow. And there are more from the gift of nature!

More than a gift of nature, credits to people who discover, admire and treasure them. The excellent workmanship and technique turn them into varies settings in faceted, cabochons to display the unique characters of different gemstones. With the intelligence of human nature, the gemstones are set in beautiful jewellery that uplift the beauty of the wearers. Gemstone jewellery is the perfect cooperation of both nature and human.

As a gemologist, I will begin the gem journey with the introduction of coloured gemstones. By understanding the gemstones, you will select the one that represents you. Let the gemstones make you shine and start the conversation…