Bespoke: engagement ring


Engagement ring starts in ancient Rome that the jewellery signifies the ownership of the husband. In Western culture, it is placed on the ring finger of the left hand as this contains the vein that is linked to the heart. In Latin it is called 'Vena Amori', meaning 'Vein of Love'. With this ring on, it represents an acceptance of the marriage. 


Throughout the centuries in different eras, the ring is interpreted in different metal and design such as gimmal/gimmel ring (comes in 2 to 3 loops linking together) or posie ring (gold ring carved with inscription or pattern). Diamond on the engagement ring applies to the aristocratic family as a symbol of wealth. 

The demand of diamond engagement ring declined after WWI, it drops drastically after The Great Depression. Diamond makes an establishment in 1947 when De Beers introduced the marketing slogan of 'Diamond is forever'.

Step-by-step guide about engagement ring

Photo by Padis.

 Preparations for an engagement ring consultation:

1. Tell us your budget.

2. Let us know more about your fiancee: living style, character. 

3. Give us time as we begin from scratch to design, setting and finishing of the beautiful ring!