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Bespoke: engagement ring

Bespoke: engagement ring
Take it easy! Your guide on the making of engagement ring.

Gemstone 101: Amethyst

Gemstone 101: Amethyst
Gemstone 101: Amethyst, the widely known purple February gemstone

Re-purposing: diamond stud earrings

Diamond studs with baskets
Having some inherited jewellery pieces that you feel like to wear? Turn them into contemporary designs!

Bespoke: blue sapphire and diamond earrings

Custom-made Sapphire Earrings
Wedding Gift: custom-made sapphire and diamond dangling earrings

Gemstone 101: Labradorite

Labradorite Earrings
From different angles, the beautiful labradorite will reflects colours from peacock green, purple blue to grey black...

Gemstone 101: Moonstone

Cabochon Moonstone Rings
To express 'I love you to the moon and back', gift a moonstone jewellery to your loved one!

Gemstone 101: Topaz

Topaz ring
Hello November Gem - Topaz! Know more about the power of the gemstone that comes in many different colours.

Gemstone 101: druzy

Druzy necklace
What is druzy? Are they natural gemstones?

Vermeil vs Gold-Plated

925 stamping

I think those who have been following my Facebook page that I always names my jewellery: VERMEIL

Gems pop!

Yanli Jewellery earrings
Let our gem journey begin!